Sarah Rohrman

I'm Sarah, and I truly believe that recovering through our trauma and developing a relationship to our Higher Power would help us to lead a life that we adore.

My work shares, explores, as well as unpacks how I was capable of overcoming serious behavior problems from childhood sexual abuse, conquer temporary housing in my early 20s, and cope with the untimely loss of my mother, using methods I managed to learn after having completed placed above a white 4 years of trauma therapy, and also my own holistic methods.

In my classes, I encourage others to look deep inside themselves to shamelessly construct their own road to recovery, tap into your inner strength to completely improve their lives, and find your own faith.

I earned a bachelor's degree in human services, a master's degree in public health promotion, and certification as a qualified yoga instructor before becoming an entrepreneur. I've largely worked in psychological and cognitive healthcare, drug use treatment, and wellness coaching over the last few years.

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intention behind the relationship

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intention behind the relationship

what happens when we pursue romantic relationships with a purpose and not a false promise....