Samantha Merkur

Samantha Merkur has been doing yoga for about three decades. She began practicing yoga because of its Aryvedic healing properties. Sam struggled with digestive troubles and eventually shifted her food and health habits to a more yogic way of living. Her first exposure to Yoga was through the Iyengar style, which she continues to practice and study. Her practice heightened her intuition and body awareness, and she fell in love with the challenge and natural highs she could get from specific asanas. Sam was left with a transverse abdominal hernia as a result of her second cesarean surgery. Her yoga practice automatically retrained the connective tissues and muscles to rejoin and considerably minimize the hernia. She's utilized yoga to recover from problems such as a torn ACL, sciatica, and trauma. Sam is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor who is passionate about sharing her expertise and delivering the gift of self-healing. Namaste

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