Rachel Nierstedt

Rachel is currently taking a 250-hour yoga teacher training program in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. She has practiced various styles of yoga for the past decade, her favorites being hatha and kundalini. She is undergoing training to deepen her practice and to inspire others to connect more deeply with their own Self through yoga. 

Rachel is originally from Charleston, SC and loves warm weather and the beach. She loves to travel, read, and delve into metaphysical and spiritual concepts. In 2010 Rachel graduated from The College of Charleston with a degree in Political Science. She hopes to combine her love of yoga and spirituality to help inspire people to live in our society with greater awareness, compassion, and creativity. 

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we are all yoga teachers


we are all yoga teachers

I am currently about halfway through a 250-hour yoga teacher-training program in Asheville, North Carolina....