Paulina Julian

Paulina Julian is a lifelong student, always passionate about learning from life and its wonderful daily lessons.  Paulina has been a dancer, a yogi, a meditator,  a writer, a teacher, and a student for most of her life.  She writes and teaches with great passion about what inspires her, and she firmly believes the thoughts and actions of our daily lives can positively impact the overall vibration of the universe.   The daily steps we take toward making the world a better place can be as little as a kind thought toward a stranger.  

Paulina lives with her husband and kitty, and she teaches yoga in San Francisco

Find more of her work and inspiration in her Facebook page: Now is the Time for Yoga

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Are you a survivor or a thriver?

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are you a survivor or a thriver?

The day starts with the startling alarm clock. You meet it with the familiar resistance....