Ophelie Doll

<p>I was born in France but Earth is my home.</p> <p>I love to travel, meet new people, cultures, taste new flavors, smell new fragrances, and try to figure out what's hidden behind the scene...</p> <p>I have been practicing yoga for 12 years and organising yoga journeys all over the world, as a chef, singer, guiding meditations, kirtans, dances... every little thing that takes you back to yourself, with love, passion, and humor :)</p> <p>If you want to follow me on my adventures, I'm part of this beautiful team <a href="https://www.yogitimes.com/www.yalacollective.com">yalacollective.com</a></p> <p>Hug</p>
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sweet and solar salad

sweet and solar salad

sweet endives zucchinis apples pomegranate cashew nuts recipe healthy Cashew cheeseSoak cashew nuts in water…