Molly Nourmand

Molly Nourmand studied psychology and dance in undergrad, and yoga is the love child of her combined interests. Upon graduation, she moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles in 2004 and completed a teacher training at Exhale's Center for Sacred Movement in hatha yoga with an emphasis on vinyasa (linking breath to movement).

Since then, she has taught group classes at yoga studios, schools, and mental health centers, as well as worked with clients privately. Molly’s dance background breathes fluidity and creativity into her sequences, yet she is careful that alignment is not compromised by the flow. Her unique approach to yoga is encouraging, nurturing, and graceful.

While teaching yoga, she simultaneously worked as an editor for different publications, getting her start as the Lifestyle Editor of Yogi Times magazine. Currently, she continues to teach yoga in LA and is enrolled in a masters program in Counseling Psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is interested in developing a mind/body integration treatment program that would combine traditional talk therapy with yoga. In addition to having her own private practice, she aspires to open a women's wellness center.

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