Mindy Arbuckle

E-RYT and founder of Maitri Yoga Center, has been practicing and teaching yoga since the late 90′s. She loves spreading the knowledge and heart of yoga in an accessible way. Her deep love of yoga enables her to be straight forward, compassionate, caring, peaceful, dedicated and generous in her life and with her students. By listening to her readers, students and to herself, she is able to apply universal knowledge to practical goals of this world including health, family life and business. She believes in the power of yoga for every person and is skilled at finding the right yoga practices for each individual rather than a student fitting into a particular style of yoga. She is fully committed to being a healer, teacher, wife, mother and yogini while remaining down to earth and connected to source. 

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thinking of yourself Today, as you read this article, I’d like to ask you where...
the worthiness of equality?


the worthiness of equality?

equality worthy confidence world balance I’ve really been studying self-worth lately. I’ve been working within...
Balancing emotions through yoga

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balancing emotions through yoga

yoga for emotional wellbeing Everything you read about yoga, be it modern or ancient, states...
there is more to yoga than just stretching

Articles, YOGA 101

there is more to yoga than just stretching

photo model: desiree barlett I have been teaching yoga for over a decade now.  My...