Massimo Monti

Max Monti: Yoga teacher

Since an early age felt attracted and influenced by the vision and teaching of Mystics , Masters and Yogis like Rumi , J.Krishnamurti , G.I. Gurdjieff , R. Tagore , P. Yogananda among others , which shaped the spiritual path to follow. By the age of 20 was traveling to India where he spend several years in the Osho Rajneesh Commune , participating to many work-shops , seminars and meditations influenced by the Eastern and Western spiritual traditions , deepening the practice in the Jnan , Bhakti and Karma branches of Yoga. Extensive travels throughout India , Nepal , Sri Lanka , the Middle East , North Africa as well as the Americas , Australia and Europe brought him in contact with different spiritual paths widening the spectrum of ways in the quest of Human Consciousness Growth.

In the middle 90’ies co-founded and contributed in the creation and realization of Samasati Nature Retreat , a Sustainable Ecological project in the South Caribbean rain-forest of Costa Rica where Yoga Workshops , Retreats , Seminars and Teacher Training Programs have been held since.

Inspired by gifted teachers like Glenn Black among others , in the last 17 years he ventured into the journey of the practice and study of Hatha Yoga , experiencing different styles like Ashtanga , Iyengar , Kundalini , Bikram, Purna and Yin and attending classes , retreats an teacher trainings in Costa Rica , U.S. , Italy and Australia where he got certified in the oldest school of Byron Bay under the guidance of John Ogilvie , promoter of Purna Yoga which represents a holistic approach to Yoga , integrating the postures , philosophy , pranayama , meditation , discipline and code of ethics.

Max currently holds workshops and teaches private and public classes at the Samasati Nature Retreat in Costarica, combining a wide repertoire of Asanas and sequencing with Pranayama , meditations , talks…and fun. Max is part of the Hari-Om School of Yoga and Ayurveda and teaches YTT in Costa and Italy. The emphasis here is that the yoga on the mat can be a great pleasure and off the mat can be an amazing blessing.

Yoga is for everybody , Yoga is non-discriminant , Yoga is Union , All is One .



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