Laurie Jordan

New York-based yoga instructor Laurie Jordan is the creator of Little Sprouts Yoga for Kids and the Director of Kids Programming at Kaia Yoga. She shares her expertise on all things kids yoga as a contributing writer for Elephant Journal. She has a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work and is a certified yoga instructor for children and adults. 

Laurie’s classes are a refreshing departure from the idea that yoga must be very serious and almost no fun at all. On the contrary, her classes combine her playful sense of humor and laid back approach with years of experience as both a yoga teacher and yoga student. Add to that mix, an awesome music soundtrack–and Laurie’s classes feel like a 75 minute celebration. 

She is also the author of YAWNING YOGA: A Goodnight Book for a Good Night's Sleep. She developed her unique "Yawning Yoga" sequence to help children establish better bedtime routines. Kids of all ages (and whole families, too!) have been stretching and twisting and breathing their way into dreamland ever since.

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bedtime yoga for children

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