Konstantinos Bochtisk

Konstantinos Bochtis (Atma Rama Anand) was born in Athens in 1988 and soon discovered his great love for yoga. Yoga has helped him to better know himself and ease his physical pain and eating disorder. He is practicing Yoga, Meditation, and Vipassana for more than 15 years. His passion is to help people who struggle with their bodies find peace of mind with yoga and mindfulness practices. Konstantinos organizes and coordinates seminars and conducts personal sessions in Greece and abroad. Having worked in many countries with people of different nationalities, cultures, beliefs, genders, etc., he can support people in their transformation in various ways. He never stopped learning and training in new techniques and procedures to become a better therapist every day. With his dedication to yoga, he wants to inspire those around him to start or continue their practice to enjoy all the benefits it offers in the long run. His Mission is to spread true Yogic knowledge, build a healthy society through Yogic knowledge, move from darkness to light, and provide "Total Health through Yoga."

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yoga and meditation for people with post-traumatic stress disorder


yoga and meditation for people with post-traumatic stress disorder

an alternative approach to ptsd Techniques from the past It took a long time to...