Tatyana Souza

Tatyana Souza, Owner Coolidge Yoga

A Ph.D. and an E-RYT, Tatyana Souza received her 200-hour yoga certification in 2011 from Back Bay Yoga in Boston and her 500-hour certification in 2019 from the Wanderlust Studio in Hollywood.

Inspired by the yoga training and by her two boys, Tatyana left her career as an immunologist in the pharmaceutical industry to co-found Coolidge Yoga in Brookline and the Boston South End.

A dreamer and believer in the “good,” Tatyana wanted to lead her little boys by example. She believes that yoga is the catalyst for personal and global change and hopes to impact her community and the world by creating a warm, sacred space where yoga students can move, connect, and cultivate much-needed stillness and breath in their daily lives.

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