Justina Kozicki

I am part of Yogi Times because I care about being health conscious, feeling good, being active, setting goals and achieving them, learning from new experiences, embarking on new adventures, growing as a person mentally, physically and spiritually. I want to share my knowledge with people and the best way of doing that is through information. Availability and accessibility of and to information. Whatever it is that you want to do, wherever in the world you are, Yogi times is my platform. I am born in Sweden, lived in Poland, London, Singapore and now Hong Kong is my home… I love travelling and seeing new places, meeting new people, immersing in new cultures and trying new local delicacies out. I am a trained chef, ultramarathon runner, avid surfer, dog lover and yoga fanatic. I try to continuously balance my hectic life with runs in nature, yoga and healthy food choices, which is a situation i believe a lot of people are facing, regardless of place you live in or travel too. Yogi times is my platform to share the knowledge of my city with you.

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antigravity fitness in hong kong


antigravity fitness in hong kong

Health and Fitness trends seem to come and go the same way season change in...
epic MMA


epic mma

Despite close proximity to other gyms only a couple blocks away, Epic MMA has managed...
life cafe


life cafe

Founded in 2004, one of Hong Kong’s original vegetarian restaurants, Life Café is a landmark...