Ivette Cruz-Lance

My first foray into yoga was in the mid 90s with Hatha yoga under Alan Finger (creator of Yogaworks). After 15 years of a sustainable personal yoga practice in the styles of Ashtanga, Hatha and Iyengar, I completed my 200 hour yoga teachers training  with Yogaworks – and decided to create my own hybrid style, FluidFLowYoga.

FluidFlowYoga combines (the three yoga styles) a fluid flow of moves (prayer of the body) and postures that lead to an energetic, infusing practice with a strong focus on alignment, breath awareness (liking breath and asana) and adding a touch of yoga philosophy. I am passionate about honoring and sustaining the true yoga philosophies and traditions thus always incorporating doses of these in my classes.

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thoughts on satya


thoughts on satya

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