Deva Sueza

Deva has been a Yoga teacher for over ten years, he has trained in traditional Hatha yoga since 2001. He began his practice in his native country Brazil at the Suddha Dharama Mandalam Yoga Ashram, under the tutelage of Dr. Jose Rugue Ribeiro Junior (Swami Narayanananda) and Sergio Carvalho ( Haridas ) and qualified as an accredited Yoga Teacher in 2003. After this he completed two advanced yoga courses at the Khrisna Shakti Ashram which is an accredited representative of Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math from Nabaduip, India in Campos do Jordao, Sao Paulo, Brazil receiving direct studies and practices from Regina Shakti ( Rohini Shakti DD ), president of the Sao Paulo Yoga Institute and studied the ancient scriptures of India under the guidance of Sripad B.V. Trivikram Maharaj. He lived in the ashram studying and practising the tradition of Bhakti yoga for a little while after became a gaudya vaishnava, and in 2004 he moved to Uberlandia, Brazil to teach at the Prema Yoga school. At that time his interest in Ayengar and traditional Hatha yoga started to develop to a more flowing and organic yoga style. He decided to travel to India, studying various forms of yoga, teaching methods and practices in 2005. He learned many techniques which he has since incorporated into his daily life. He then returned to his hometown of Dracena and opened his own yoga school, which he managed until he moved to England in 2007. In England, he started working as a chef, and was introduced to 5-rhythms which he has since incorporated it into his yoga teachings, and in 2008 he trained in Ayuverdic Yoga massage.

Today with his partner Greg, they are setting up a International Yoga Charity and a Eco based yoga center in the montains of Aragon, Spain. 

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