Curtis Aiken

Curtis Aiken – disease conqueror, health and lifestyle coach, author, and speaker.
Curtis’ health journey began in 2010 when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at only 28 years of age. The prognosis his neurologist gave him was grim, and Curtis wasn’t willing to accept an inevitable, painful decline. He fired his doctor and took his health into his own hands. More than 3 years later, Curtis feels healthier than ever thanks to the simple, common-sense changes he implemented with regards to attitude, detoxification and nutrition.

Curtis has now dedicated his life to teaching others how to empower their minds and bodies to gain and maintain the health and happiness they deserve. You can learn more about Curtis and the changes he made in his new book “Blessed by MS – Simple changes you can make to prevent or beat serious illness,” available now through his website:

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loving by not doing

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loving by not doing

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