Bruce Black

Bruce Black, a renowned writer and editor, has uniquely blended the disciplines of Yoga and writing to offer insights into both practices through his seminal work, Writing Yoga. Based in Sarasota, FL, Bruce's journey into Yoga began in 2006 after realizing that his knees could no longer endure the stress of running. This pivotal moment led him to explore Yoga, which soon evolved into a deeper exploration of the self through the practice of keeping a journal. His experiences, insights, and teachings are encapsulated in his book published by Rodmell Press, and his writings have been featured in esteemed publications such as Chicken Soup for the SoulOM Yoga MagazineTiferet Journal, and Dogs Naturally Magazine, among others.

The Genesis of a Yoga Writer

Early Life and Education

Bruce Black's academic journey began with a BA in English literature from Columbia University and an MFA in writing from Vermont College (now Vermont College of Fine Arts). His literary talent found expression in stories published in Cricket and Cobblestone magazines, setting the stage for a distinguished career in writing and editing.

Turning Point

The transition to Yoga was a significant shift in Bruce's life, prompted by physical necessity and leading to profound personal growth. His initial foray into Yoga, driven by the need to find an alternative to running, opened up new avenues of self-exploration and wellness. Journaling about his yoga experiences soon became a cornerstone of his practice, allowing him to delve deeper into the intersections of physical movement, mindfulness, and creative expression.

Writing Yoga: Unfolding the Practice

In Writing Yoga, Bruce Black offers more than just a memoir or a writing guide; he seamlessly integrates life's experiences with the art of writing. The book is structured around ten thematic chapters, each accompanied by guided writing exercises designed to explore various facets of Yoga and personal reflection. These themes range from "Opening Up" and "Moving Past Fear" to "Finding Your Balance" and "Listening to Your Inner Voice", providing readers with a structured path to both yoga practice and writing.

A Personal and Guided Journey

Bruce's narrative weaves personal anecdotes, reflections on his yoga practice, and insights into the writing process. He shares the initial trepidation of entering his first yoga class, the challenges and triumphs of mastering new poses, and the deeper connections and realizations that emerged from his practice. Through excerpts from his journal, Bruce invites readers into his journey, encouraging them to explore their paths with curiosity and commitment.

Beyond the Mat and the Page

Bruce Black's contributions extend beyond his book. His blog, Wordswimmer, recognized as one of the "Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs," is a testament to his commitment to nurturing and guiding aspiring writers. His advice on keeping a practice journal resonates with yogis and anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

A Voice in the Community

Bruce's work has found resonance within the yoga and writing communities, offering a unique perspective on how these practices can intersect and enrich one another. His writings for online platforms such as Yogi Times, Mindbodygreen, Yogamint, and HuggerMugger have broadened the reach of his teachings, making them accessible to a broader audience interested in exploring the confluence of Yoga, writing, and life.

A Beacon for Aspiring Yogis and Writers

Bruce Black is a beacon for those at the intersection of physical practice and creative endeavour. His journey from running through the pain to embracing Yoga and writing as forms of healing and expression is a powerful narrative of transformation. Writing Yoga is not just a book but a gateway to understanding how the discipline of Yoga can inform and enhance the creative process, offering lessons in mindfulness, resilience, and the beauty of the present moment. Through his teachings, Bruce invites us to step onto our mats, pick up our journals, and embark on a journey of discovery and growth.

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