BaliWellness Retreat

<p>Bali Wellness Retreat is an &nbsp;Alternative Events Coordinator &nbsp;and Tour Operator focusing on Wellness.<br />Bali YWellness Retreat offer their services &nbsp;by creating journeys of discovery through &nbsp;experiencing the nature of inner balance and Wellness.<br />We also assist those seeking assistance &nbsp;in coordinating their retreats in Bali &nbsp;by providing catering, venues to hold retreats, &nbsp;excursions, transportation, etc.<br />With an extensive network within the local healing community, &nbsp;along with the professional background in &nbsp;travel and events coordination, &nbsp;we seek to facilitate to you the feeling &nbsp;of being renewed and more aware of the possibilities&nbsp;for a wellness based lifestyle in your future.<br />So please join us on a discovery of new possibilities &nbsp;by giving your body, mind and soul the gift of Wellness.<br />Do not hesitate to contact us</p> <p></p>
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