Ariel Serre

Ariel Serre is an inspired and enthusiatic healer, Yoga teacher and vision artist. A Nationally Certificied massage therapist with an Associate Degree in Massage from Monterey Peninsula College, Ariel originally learned bodywork at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California. Also a Thai Massage Instructor, she was trained in Thailand at the Institute of Thai Massage ( I.T.M). Committed to the healing arts, Ariel learned about shamanism in Peru with the Shipibo tribe in the Amazon. Now a full mesa carrier, she graduated from the Four Winds Society in Utah, Alberto Villoldo's school. Her work as a shaman includes ceremonies for rites of passage as well as physical, emotional and spritual healing.

Born in France, she received a Baccalaureat in Philosophy. She traveled extensively in Asia to study various form of Yoga: meditation in Nepal, Raja Yoga in Bali. Her formal training in Hatha Yoga took place in Sri Lanka and in India. Additionally, she was trained in Kundalini Yoga by Guru Singh at Yoga West and in Power Yoga by Marc Blanchard. Passionate about holistic health, ecology, women's issues, Ariel is also a published writer and photographer in Yogi Times Magazine. Since 2002, she has been living in Pacific Grove in the Monterey Peninsula in Central California. She is available for private healing sessions as well as for teaching Thai Massage workshops and Yoga classes.


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