Aparna Khanolkar

Aparna Khanolkar is an Ayurvedic educator and workshop facilitator in Santa Barbara. She is the author of “Happy Belly Happy Soul,“ “A Mother’s Blessing,” “Spice” and “Purify and Heal.” She is the co-founder of Grace, Power and Beauty, a workshop series for women. Her sadhanas include cooking, mantra chanting, meditation and dancing. Connect with her and

I inspire women to be spirited and soft, feel beautiful, soulful and wise. I show women how to be in charge of your own destiny - for health, happiness and peace. What I teach you is easy and juicy. I teach women to journey from Karma to Dharma. All it requires is that you show up.

Are you ready?

How can I teach you this? I was a chef and culinary consultant for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing where I taught people about the value of food, health and Ayurvedic lifestyle. I've authored and published four books (A Mother's BlessingPurify and HealHappy Belly Happy Soul, and Spice). I teach workshops and facilitate retreats for women using this ancient knowledge. I grew up in India, where Ayurveda became part of me even before I was born. My mother followed an Ayurvedic lifestyle. I've studied it, I practice it and I'm living proof of its benefits.

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Ayurveda for Anxiety
Ayurveda for Anxiety