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a·bun·dance [uh-buhn-duhns]


1. An extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain. 

2. Overflowing fullness: Abundance of the heart. 

3. Affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.


As the founders and driving force being YOGI TIMES, we like to believe in the half full glass philosophy. We dedicate a great amount of time to understanding the role we play in creating abundance in our lives, and the life of others.

Hence our mission to bring YOGI TIMES to so much more people, offering an abundance of information, inspiration, and education to live a healthy and mindful life.

We realize that one major aspect of attracting abundance is to ASK FOR WHAT YOU HAVE and then it is instantly given! o;-)

With YOGI TIMES we have been experiencing the true nature of abundance in ways, shapes and forms that are truly surprising us. For the last 10 years, we have received TREMENDOUS abundance from so many individuals and companies who have supported the mission behind the scenes that it has confirmed the reasons why we continue our path to grow YOGI TIMES as an independent conscious media.

Here is our ever evolving WISH LIST addressed to the YOGI TIMES community (you!), the Universe and us at [email protected]

  1. Volunteer Editors & Contributors - We love the help in creating outstanding editorial content, and for that, we need support in editing the articles we receive from the community. If you have a good eye for copy editing and a good grammar, we would love for you to join our community of volunteer editors.

  2. Social Media Interns - You know it's all about social media these days and what a great way to inspire and be in touch with the community in a visual and creative way. Have a feel for it come on board and be one of our social media interns!

  3. Advertising Sales Reps, high commission based.

  4. YOGI TIMES is not funded, for the last 16 years, we are financially growing YT with advertising and partnership with like-minded people. We would love to grow our team of conscious reps who understand that supporting the business owners in the wellness and yoga industry is a way to raise consciousness. Join our team!

  5. Web developers - Everything is going so fast in our digital world. We need constant support in maintaining YOGI TIMES up to speed. Any web support is welcome!

  6. Editorial Interns for a minimum of 3-month commitment. 
    We welcome interns to work with us on a minimum commitment of 3 months so you get to experience full completion on projects, interview process, editing, writing, being published, and supporting the growth of YOGI TIMES with various projects and creative assignments.

  7. Graphic Artist Interns - Being media we are in the spotlight, setting trends and creating inspiration for our readers, we love to work with creative people who love to see their work shine out there! Have a little time to devote, we have plenty of graphic projects to help us spread the joy of yoga and wellness.

  8. Volunteer Accountant. ah, who loves accounting you do wonderful send us a note, we'd love the support of some mindful number crunchers!

May all our wishes and yours be granted too!

Sophie Parienti and Jc Gabler
YOGI TIMES founders & creatives at Play

Contact us at [email protected] - Want to drop us a personal note [email protected] - [email protected]


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