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Michael Segal – Photographer - "Doing it" in Los Angeles, US.

Michael Segal doing it yogi times

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I started my career as a photographer shooting fashion and music.
I have an amazing family with my wife and two young boys, and we enjoy the California sunshine every day.
I have know JC and Sophie for many years, and I am excited to be working with them once again! I truly enjoy photographing Yogis and sharing the images with the Yogi Times community.

Nadine Johnson – San Francisco Editor - "Doing it" in San Francisco, US.

Nadine Johnson Yogi Times' San Francisco Editor

As a native San Franciscan, I watched Lilias Folan almost every Saturday after cartoons. She was more awesome than Mr. Rogers to me. Twenty years later, I stumbled into my first lead yoga class at an Ashtanga studio. It was so challenging and rewarding. I looked around to room to see men over 70; women who were larger than a size 2 and the strongest most disciplined group I’ve ever seen. I was home. Come as you are. Just move and breathe.

Since then, I’ve infused yoga in my life, professionally and personally. I work as a designer in corporations and start-ups. It’s not unusual to find me in a headstand before a presentation or in the airport. I teach yoga in gyms and studios. Yoga has taught me to walk in peace down my own path. I hope to continue to help others take their first steps down their path for the rest of my life.

My Strengths: Landing anywhere in the world and making life long friends. Staying calm and grounded whenever *it hits the fan.

Soft Spots: Fireworks, cooking for others, and being able to say "yes" when someone needs me.

Amanda Branham - Editorial Intern - "Doing it" in Stockton, US.

amanda branham

I was born and raised in California, and plan to live here for the rest of my life. I love the California way of life and couldn't imagine anything else! 

I'm working on degrees in both journalism and graphic design right now, and I have discovered a passion for including both in everything I do. I was recently introduced to the wonderful world of motherhood when I had my daughter last year, and she is my world. But when I need to get away and just unwind, I close my door and practice yoga. It keeps me grounded.

My strengths? Humor, I use it to deal with everything. And when I find something I enjoy, I dedicate everything to it.

Soft spots? Dark chocolate, coffee and cupcakes, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz and acrylic paint. I go insane for acrylic paint

Josh Ross – Photographer - "Doing it" in Portland, US.

Originally from a small town in Idaho, I moved to Los Angeles for high school. I’ve worked as a graphic designer, photo re-toucher, and, first and foremost (my greatest love), as an editorial and commercial portrait photographer.

Growing up in a town of 600 gives you a certain sense of people. It taught me to believe in the good of people and be interested in what they have to say. It is from this space that I approach my subjects. I want people to look their best, and I delight in presenting something more than they expected. 


I met my wife in 2004 after a life changing motorcycle accident, and she introduced me to yoga. I would often read Yogi Times before class, and I knew then that I wanted to be a part of this wonderful project.

My Strength: I am a hard worker, and I keep moving forward even when the way is uncertain with a steadfast commitment to my art.

My Softspot: We have our first baby on the way, but for now my soft spot is my adorable little girl terrier, Ginger. She runs with me, follows me around the house, and always brings a smile to my face.

Tom Mullay - SEO Guru -  

Flirting with escape was a way of life for me. Then something died and the question changed from 'why go?' to 'why go back?', so I committed.

For now that means being a serial niche entrepreneur and a Bali expat. I think I'm finished with earning money to live at some point in the future. Better to live simply today.

I enjoy providing online marketing strategy and SEO help to small companies with attractive, well-thought-out websites. If you are in it for more than the money and passionate about what you do, contact me at I get kick at helping people grow their business.

Olivia Richardson - Intern - 
 "Doing it" in Orlando

About 2,529 miles from Orlando, Florida, California is slowly starting to feel like home. Uplifting my roots and trying some new soil has been an interesting transition.


Within a a few months I graduated from college with a degree in Advertising-Public Relations, quit my job of six years and moved across country for love. I have been able to remain centered with one of the greatest gems in life, Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga has been a majestic bridge that has allowed me to meet new and amazing people, and with that, I hope to extend its influence to others.


My strengths? Empathetic. Deep thinker. Imaginative. Loving. Animated. 

Soft spots? The smell of coffee, how it feels to receive a hug, the taste of Kombucha, seeing the ocean and the sound of a unified opening mantra.

Rose Rea - Intern


Community has always been important aspect of my life.  I was born in England but was put on the path of extensive travel at a young age, living in France, Switzerland and as far afield as the Middle East. This lifestyle allowed me to practice the process of putting down roots, and I grew to see the importance of having a connection to what I value in life that was independent of my physical place in the world. Yoga helps me maintain that connection.

Fate led me to Yogi Times one day as I sat at my computer and I felt instantly that its mission was close to my heart. The opportunity for me to be part of such a compassionate and unique media group seemed too good to be true. To me, Yogi Times is about the creation of a conscious community made up of passionate and inspired individuals, and I believe it is a community that will only grow with time. I’m really excited to contribute to that growth, and to be part of this spirited spiritual group!

My strength? I strive for perfection in everything I do, and put love into all my endeavours. 

My soft spot? Cheese, in all shapes and forms… I can’t be left alone with Brie!

Beth Bluestein - Intern

Beth Bluestein

I fell in love with yoga while attending the University of Colorado, exploring many styles and inspired by generous teachers of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power and Jivamukti. Committed to sharing the benefits of yoga with others, I became a registered teacher in 2005, left a corporate media job to follow my passion and never looked back. I believe yoga is truly beneficial for everyone, both individually and socially, because of its unique way of make us stronger and wiser - helping us live courageously and relate more compassionately toward ourselves and others.


As a student and teacher, Yogi Times has always provided me with truth, wisdom and inspiration. I am grateful to be able to give back. More than a job, working for Yogi Times is a chance for me to make a choice that is consistent with my personal values; an opportunity to put my time and talents in service of the worthy and noble cause at its core: To educate and inspire, to raise consciousness, build community and make positive contributions to social change and social harmony. 

My strength? An unwavering faith in my ability to manifest the life of my dreams.

My soft spot? Anyone who can make me laugh or put a smile on my face – especially my son, Max.








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