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Inviting people to discover the endless potential and possibilities that exist in them through contribution and sharing of their passion and knowledge… This is definitely part of the culture at Yogi Times, but, also, our higher purpose.”

- Sophie Parienti and JC Gabler, Founders Yogi Times



• We wanted to create a place for people to express their creativity, enthusiasm and passions, knowledge and to provide a forum for people to connect with each other. 

• Yogi Times exists for and because of the community.   

• Yogi Times has always attracted passionate talented creative people to participate and contribute because they loved our mission: “ To inspire and empower people to live a healthy, mindful, conscious life." 

• Our metrics for success is based on how many lives we inspire to transform.

• We make sure our goals are dynamic, that is to say, point towards an activity that we are engaged in and through which connects us to other human beings.





• We are fully aware that everyone is on their own unique journey of spiritual growth and we always aim to inspire people to find their own answers.


• There is deep enjoyment in what we do. 

• When we add the element of a goal or a vision, we not only feel like an arrow that is moving toward the target – we are actually enjoying the journey. 

• When our enthusiasm encounters obstacles in the form of adverse situations or uncooperative people, we don’t resist or attack, nor do we try to force, convince or change minds, but we walk around the  “obstacle” by yielding or embracing, in this way we aim to turn the opposing energy into a helpful one, a foe into a friend.

• We know that true joy does not come from what we do, yet it flows into what we do and thus into this world from within us.

• Being and staying playful is essential in everything we do.


• We believe that if we simply listen to what our conscience inspires us to do and we go on to carry it out to the best of our knowledge, our success ensues as the rather unintended side effect, as the by-product of our enthusiasm and passion to a cause greater than ourselves. 



• The purpose of the Automated Process is to provide us with a system that will set us up for success and free us to do the things we really need to (and want to) do. 

• The automated system frees us to:

 - Be open minded and open hearted to do the creative, dynamic, flexible and  visionary work behind the scene to meet all the challenges in an ever changing  world.
 - Focus on perfecting our product, services and processes while the system takes  care of the day-to-day tasks.
 - Focus on the "big picture" instead of just daily tasks. 
 - Play, create, innovate, and grow, rather than getting bogged down in  micromanaging routine tasks that can be easily delegated and automated.
 - Oversee and maintain the quality of content and brand worldwide.
 - Manifest the vision of how the business can evolve and stay exciting, fresh and  juicy.



• We deeply trust our community to catch shills and point out things that look dubious, and yet – like with Wikipedia, Yelp and Huffington Post, we invite the community to take their involvement a step further by becoming volunteer editors.





• We recognize that each person has very special gifts that can contribute to a team or a business. 

• Building our Dream Team, we make sure to include a minimum of three different types of personalities (explained in detail below) to create maximum results for everyone in the team, and the company as a whole.



• We are encouraging our team and our contributors to show and express their real “me”, and that authentic “me” that experiences a range of emotions.

• By providing the space for these emotions to be expressed fearlessly, we make it possible to build relationships that are based on trust, intimacy, and friendship.

• We encourage everyone involved with us to avoid the common human temptation to not want to offend or speak out, in favor of looking good or out of fear of looking bad.

• We make a conscious effort to provide a safe and constructive environment for everyone to fearlessly and safely express their feelings when their needs are not being met (or they “think” they are not being met.)

• We thrive on open communication, sharing creativity and enthusiasm with one another, stepping in and supporting each other to accomplish each task and achieve each goal, listening and giving and receiving feedback, and maintaining balance and striving for optimum health in our day-to-day lives.  

• We value each team members’ contribution and always welcome new ideas, suggestions, proposals, and initiatives. 






Value #1 - INTEGRITY

• Our actions and words match and we operate from a place of authenticity even if it is not the easy path.

Value#2 - BALANCE

• We continually strive for optimum balance in our personal lives, careers and health.


• We encourage each other's creativity by trusting and offering space for exploration of ideas.


• We communicate clearly, directly and authentically with compassion.  We choose LOVE over FEAR. 

 Value #5 - FUN

 • We have fun as we work, create, interact with clients and with each other. 


• We create alliances and partnerships with like-minded organizations and empower both parties to grow and expand more rapidly for everyone's benefit.

Value #7 – GREATNESS

• We see and search for the greatness in everyone because everyone IS great.


• We create alliances and partnerships with like-minded organizations and empower both parties to grow and expand more rapidly for everyone's benefit.


Since the Yogi Times work is primarily done in a virtual workspace, upholding the following agreements provides each team member with the tools needed to fully succeed.  (Inspired by Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie)


1. Stay Positive

2. Avoid Assumptions

3. Don’t Take It Personally

4. Be Impeccable With your Word

5. Do Your Best

6. Say An “Honest” Yes Or No

7. Incorporate Play In Your Day – Every Day.


Agreement #1 - Stay Positive

• We care about each other.  

• With non face-to-face communication it is easy to misinterpret a communication (e.g. reading an email with our voice with the mood we are in at that moment).

• From this place of misunderstanding, it’s possible to lose trust in those we work with and assume a negative where there’s none.

• We stay positive and approach each situation with the understanding that everyone wishes for the best outcome and has the best intentions.


Agreement #2 - Avoid Assumptions

 We are courageous - we ask questions and express our needs.

• We take the time to communicate with others as clearly as we possibly can to avoid misunderstandings.

• We understand that assumptions are like gossip - they spread and contaminate.

• We follow-up, clarify, and verify all communications with partners, clients, and coworkers to ensure mutual understanding.


Agreement #3 - Don’t Take it Personally

• As part of the Yogi Times team and as a community, we understand that nothing others do to us or say to us is because of us. 

• We practice not taking things personally.  

• We strive to understand where someone is coming from when communicating with others.

• When we practice not taking things personally, we stay focused on the objective, and avoid drama and gossip.


Agreement #4 - Be Impeccable With Our Word 

• We speak with integrity. 

• We say only what we mean. 

• We use the power of our speech to encourage and uplift ourselves and others. 

• We consider “our word” both our thoughts and our outward speech.


Agreement #5 - Do Your Best

• Under all circumstances, we do our best, no more and no less.

• When we do our best, and we "fail" to reach the desired result, we have no regrets. 

• The real key in doing our best is to stay present and love what we do.  


Agreement #6 – The Practice of an “Authentic” Yes or No

• We say yes to everything. 

• For example, if you ask one of us to do something for you and we are able to, we say yes. If you ask one of us to do something and we don’t want to, we say no—and that no is a yes to ourselves. 

• We live as an internal yes, because we are honoring something inside us that has nothing to do with you.

• We don’t think, “Will it hurt his feelings? What will she give me? Will he think I’m nice? Will she be disappointed?” ”What do I have to loose?” “What will I get out of it later?” Instead we think, What is my integrity, and why would they want anything less than that from me?”

• We support each other in saying YES even if it sounds like a no.


Agreement#7 - We Incorporate Play In Our Day – Every Day

• We make room for play in our day and promote playful professionalism.   

• We understand that a team that plays together, stays together! 

• We know that adopting a playful attitude will help increase our quality of life.

• To boost our energy, happiness, and improve our performance, we play!




1. Literal Hearing

2. Speaking Honestly and Literally

3. Coming from Honesty

4. Beyond Justification

5. The Gift of Criticism


Modality #1 - Literal Hearing

We are doing our best to practice listening to others in the most literal sense, believing exactly what they say, and do our best to resist falling into our own interpretations about the information they share with us.

Our interpretations of what we hear people say to us are often far from what they are actually saying.

Can we hear people out instead of finishing their sentence for them. When we are busy thinking we know what they say, we are missing what they are actually saying.

When we practice literal listening it is amazing to hear what comes out when we allow others to complete their thoughts without (mental) interruption. 


Modality #2 -  Speaking Honestly and Literally

We are doing our best to say what we mean without justification, without any desire to manipulate, and without concern about how another may interpret our words. 

We practice not being careful and are open to experience the freedom this brings.


Modality #3 -  Coming from Authenticity

We are doing our best to practice moving and responding authentically, as it is genuinely true for us in each moment. 

For example, can we practice leaving a room authentically without leaving behind with a polite but false excuse?

Can we live our truth without explaining and justifying ourselves?


Modality #4 - Asking for What We Want - Giving Ourselves What We Want

We are doing our best to ask for what we want, even though it may feel bold or awkward. People don’t know what we want until we ask them. 

The act of asking is a validation of the awareness that we deserve to have what we want. If others are unable or unwilling to accommodate our request, we give it to ourselves.


Modality #5 - Beyond Justification

We are doing our best to begin to notice how often we explain or justify ourselves, our words, actions, decisions, etc. 

We are doing our best to become aware of our use of the word "because" or "but" when we speak. 


Modality #6 - The Gift of Criticism. How To Receive Criticism and Benefit From It.

Criticism is an incredible opportunity to grow. 

When someone says “you are wrong, terrible," etc., can we say, either in our mind, or aloud to that person, "thank you." 

This thought immediately puts us in a space where we’re available to hear and to use the information in a way that can serve us.

After the criticism, ask yourself, "Do I hurt?" If the answer is "yes", then know somewhere within us, we believe the criticism also. Knowing this gives us the opportunity to heal that portion within us that we find unacceptable within ourselves.

If we want to cease to be vulnerable to criticism, then heal the criticisms. That is the ultimate power in letting go of every concept. Being vulnerable means we can no longer be manipulated for there is no place for criticism to stick.


And so goes our corporate culture and how we create our own sense of freedom...











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