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POSERS 2 - Yogastyles of the Movers and Shakers. This is Series Two of the popular new web series, documenting a wide array of vibrant Los Angeles personalities; Actors, Musicians, Captains of Industry, Instructors who offer their take on Yoga and what it means to practice! In this 2-3 minute weekly Yogamentary practitioners are recorded expressing their favorite Pose. On the street, in the gym, at the office or at home, Posers catalogues the poses that personally work for them and why. Through this web-series, we relate how a plethora of Yoga techniques have become interlaced with modern Angeleno culture, threaded into the daily lives of so many. Yoga affects, inspires, uplifts and relaxes.Yoga poses are as personal as they are beneficial. What defines your practice? How has Yoga impacted your world? Celebrity fitness instructor and pioneer of her own Yogalosophy; Mandy Ingber will fly around Los Angeles in search of Posers. Equipped with the popular Yogamatic mascot, the bright orange 1959 Messerschmitt famously seen delivering custom mats across town Mandy will record the eclectic faces of Yoga today.The producers; are the industry leaders of creativity on Yoga mats. They have redefined the Yoga mat and revolutionized studio floors across the country. With this testimonial they are out to further dismiss any negative myths around yoga and provide inspiration by LAs everyday people. Featuring: MARK PAYNE Celebrity Make-Up Artist & Filmmaker, MAYA FIENNES Kundalini Yoga Instructor & Musical Performer, MICHELE BOHBOT Designer of Bisou Bisou Fashion Label, Artist & Author, MARY FANARO Founder of Omnipeace, HOLLY BECK Professional Surfer, TONY HORTON Fitness Instructor & Creator of P90X, ASHLEY TURNER - Yoga/Meditation Instructor and Life Coach, SEBASTIAN COPELAND - Explorer, Activist & Photographer, MANTAK CHIA - Thai Chinese Author, Teacher and Healer, DENA SAXER Taoist Teacher & Author, DAVE ROMANELLI Wellness Expert & Author, KEVIN HINTON Tattoo Artist & Extreme Cyclist, VERONICA ROSE Jewelry Designer, PHIL SWAIN CEO Yoga Works, MANDY INGBER Yoga Instructor & Creator of Yogalosophy, Jennifer Cawley, William Cawley & Maryl Georgi

Posted by: William Cawley


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