the way we look



You can walk by the same landscape for a number of years, yet one day, you realize an important detail, til then unnoticed. This happens with places but also with people and books we believe we are familiar with. Then one day foggy clouds go away and we see 360°, high view, HD and we wonder how could we miss that part. This happens also with the Self. You looking at yourself, within yourself, outside of yourself and also you are using pain, desires, moods and heartbreaks in order to avoid looking at””as Pema Chodron writes””the places that scare you.

Ready-to-use philosophy is all around us and our brain’s favorite food is instant relief. We like when everything works immediately and lasts forever whether we consider it necessary or not. This applies to relationships, objects and our own body. If we could buy a 5-year warranty for our physical and psychological ego, we would, just to be on the safe side. One day something cracks and we wonder how could we not have thought about that part. We are all right and wrong, romantic and materialistic, attached and indifferent, trying to improve our behaviours yet falling into the same or into new patterns. 

Once in a while. it’s good to receive or start acts of genuine generosity towards any living form, yourself included. Be indulgent, judgeless and take responsibllity for your words, actions and thoughts. Focus your gaze on the bright side of darkness. If there is a shadow in your life, there must be light coming from somewhere else. 

Everyday we change and once in a while we notice it, until one day we realize we missed a part: we can change the way we look at external things, we can change the way we look at ourselves and our thoughts. By making those small changes at a sensory level, we can change our life.

If we detach ourselves from our sense of I am, I feel, I do, I look /see, we can incarnate time and ride life with much more excitement. Everyday, we’ll be different people in different places.

So, really look at someone when he/she’s talking to you, look where you are going but also be aware of what lies beyond and around and above. Chances are, you will spot something you never did.

Maybe it will affect something within you, maybe it will just make your day.