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Not to brag, but we yogis are a special bunch. And special people are prone to finding themselves in need of, well, special products.

We're pleased to showcase and review a variety of eco-friendly and all-natural goodies, ranging from chic yoga clothing to tasty teas. Read reviews from folks just as particular about the origins and contents of their beauty products as you are.

So go ahead and take a look at some of the items for sale around the web. Indulge yourself!

  1. the ohmat
    The OHMat Dutch design yoga mat is founded by artist and devoted yogi Debbie. This beautiful collection aims to bring visualization, the power of desi
  1. ripple yogawear
    The last thing a yogi wants is an outfit that hinders their movements from their practice. That’s why we’re big fans of Ripple YogaWear. &
  1. yoga design lab
    Yoga Design Lab’s products blend fashion-forward design elements with innovative functionality that are bio-renewable and eco-friendly. The magi
  1. Jade Yoga's ELITE S Mat
    Jade Yoga’s newest mat was created for yogis who like it rough. The ELITE S was designed to withstand the intensity of a vigorous practice,
  1. ProSource Natura Yoga Mat
    As practicing yogi knows, all mats are not created equal!Though it is just a prop, a yogi’s mat can mean a lot to their practice. Whether you va
  1. sol yoga pants
    SOL yoga pants are designed by American born Sierra Foster from Colorado, and entirely produced in Bali. This Yoga teacher has been practicing yoga fo
  1. yoga design lab unique eco friendly yoga mats
    Yoga Design Lab mats and towels are one of the new kids on the block in the industry however they seem to have done their research and work in pr
  1. the yoga sak
    Looking to find a practical and colorful yoga bag? Try the Yoga Sak, a multi-purpose sport backpack that has a built-in water bottle holder and comes
  1. agoya loops
    Take away the oversize gym bag and you are left with the appealing simplicity of the innovative Agoyoga Loops. Carefully crafted in Europe, extremely
  1. Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor
    Athletes measure their heart rates as part of improving their athletic performance, and some people monitor their heart rates for health reasons. But
  1. my manduka mat
    I have seen countless conversations, blog posts and have had students, teachers and friends ask, I need to buy a new Yoga mat, what do you think i sho
  1. aromatherapy yoga mat cleanser
    Blissoma prides themselves on using only the highest quality ingredients in their wide array of products, from lotions and body care, to candles and e
  1. zen zafu
    These intricate Zafus, or round sitting cushions, are created by the monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery in Katmandu, Nepal. The money raised by selli
  1. three minute eggs
    I am not much of a products person in general, let alone when it comes to yoga, which I prefer to keep simple. In nearly fifteen years of practice, I
  1. natural fitness warrior yoga mat
    New to yoga? Looking to take your practice to the next level?  The Warrior mat is made of eco-friendly composite material that provides support,
  1. Yogi Girl Bliss Mist
    Melding together two essential oils with relaxing and enhancing properties, Yogi Girl Bliss Mist is a fun addition to any Yogi Girl’s collection. La
  1. Kantha Yoga Bag by Krickette
    Designer and co-founder Leah Ketcham was highly influenced by her trip to India in 2009. The name “Krickette” aka “KRKT” was bo
  1. Om Gym
    Founded by Sarah Kellet, a specialist in sports therapy, rehab, personal training and conditioning, Om Gym presents a new line of inversion therapy fi
  1. All About Precious Silver Clay with Yoga Jewelry by Moondog Treasures
    PMC is Precious Metal Clay. This material was created by the Mitsubishi Corporation in the early 1990s as a way to recover silver, gold, and platinum


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