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Not to brag, but we yogis are a special bunch. And special people are prone to finding themselves in need of, well, special products.

We're pleased to showcase and review a variety of eco-friendly and all-natural goodies, ranging from chic yoga clothing to tasty teas. Read reviews from folks just as particular about the origins and contents of their beauty products as you are.

So go ahead and take a look at some of the items for sale around the web. Indulge yourself!

  1. 21- The Total Lifestyle Cleanse & Nutrition Program
    Are you ready to up-level your energy, reset your metabolism and reboot your brain for peak performance?Every year around the holidays, we take it upo
  1. coco hydro, coconut water on the go
    There’s nothing more satisfying than a refreshing drink of coconut water. Whether I’m rejuvenating after yoga, hydrating after a high-inte
  1. epic vegan protein powder
    It is a protein powder jungle out there, with many different options all promising the best quality yet most of us don't have a clue on which one to p
  1. macro greens
    Aren’t we all craving more energy and an overall “feel good” sensation? Macro Greens seems to answer both concerns as it combines 38 ingred
  1. Belly Bar
    With NutraBella’s BellyBars, expectant mothers can snack on something that delightfully gratifies with three great flavors, but still nutritiously s
  1. Better Botanicals
    The philosophy behind Better Botanicals is. “Skin care from the inside out for the radiance of youth and health.” With their Dead Sea Bath Salts,
  1. Republic of Tea
    These wellness teas are organically crafted from the South African Rooibos, a naturally caffeine-free herb known to aid the immune system. Nine specia
  1. Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium
    This green tea, sometimes known as Dragon Phoenix Pearls, is roasted, rolled and fired with the best of the best among Chinese Jasmines. The leaves ar
  1. Breast Cancer Awareness Water Pitcher from Vitapur
    Stay hydrated with the Breast Cancer Awareness Water Pitcher from Vitapur. It’s pink to promote awareness, and features a device that reminds you wh
  1. BAAGUA Tisane
    bold, authentic, premium organic, whole-herb tisane.One of those most unique things about the four different Baagua herbal tea bottles is the beautifu


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