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Not to brag, but we yogis are a special bunch. And special people are prone to finding themselves in need of, well, special products.

We're pleased to showcase and review a variety of eco-friendly and all-natural goodies, ranging from chic yoga clothing to tasty teas. Read reviews from folks just as particular about the origins and contents of their beauty products as you are.

So go ahead and take a look at some of the items for sale around the web. Indulge yourself!

  1. bohemian island’s 100% cotton harem pants
    Harem pants blossomed into a trend roughly a decade ago – and it looks like they are here to stay. What makes these baggy, low-slung trousers so
  1. strongbody apparel
    When shopping for yoga clothes, it’s easy to get caught up in the bold prints and bright colours. And while these fun and colourful clothes have
  1. karma where?
    While yoga clothes with inspirational sayings printed on them is nothing new, the creative forces behind Karma Where? have decided to take things a st
  1. pitaya
    There are so many yoga brands to choose your pants from, it can be overwhelming. But sometimes your eye catches and settles on a unique design. This h
  1. toe talk mindful
    If your socks could speak, what would they say?This was the question that Toe Talk Mindful creator, Jan Beresford, found herself asking after struggli
  1. namastetics
    It can be challenging for the fast-paced, modern yogi to find clothes that flow with them both on and off the mat.Fortunately, Namastetics has made it
  1. jala
    Kelly Kolterman, created Jala in her yoga studio back in 2008. So it should come as no surprise that Jala knows how to make clothes with yogis in mind
  1. rie + ryn clothing line
    Rie + Ryn is a New-York-based clothing company that seeks to create a seamless transition from studio to street. Inspired by their passion for yoga, f
  1. PIGAOne Footwear
    What if there was footgear that could support your arches, improve your posture, and was so comfortable that you wouldn’t even notice it while p
  1. cariloha bamboo clothing, apparel, & accessories
    Perhaps you think of bamboo as a hard, woody plant that is green and good for the environment, but did you know that it can also be made into ultra-so
  1. PACT organic cotton clothing line
    PACT’s certified organic cotton clothing is designed to make you feel good, inside and out. Manufactured in India, PACT clothing is committed t
  1. buddha pants
    The Buddha Pants slogan for their harem pants is that they are the “pants that make you dance,” but they are ideal for so much more than j
  1. kali zoe designs
    When Callie Spiros, a local student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, created a product in the midst of a studio classroom, she never env
  1. YUJ- yoga with style
    YUJ- Yoga With Style is designed to meet the urban practitioners’ expectations and needs. Perfect for the active lifestyle of a modern yogi, YUJ
  1. yoga searcher : made by yogis for yogis
    Yogi Times is always on the lookout for special items that combine a little retail therapy with smart and savvy ways to spend money. Thanks to the ove
  1. teeki yoga pants
    Recently, Yogi Times was given the opportunity of testing out some yoga pants from Teeki: an eco-friendly company based in Los Angeles. At the heart o
  1. aura - glow like a goddess
    It's funny sometimes how something so wonderful can be going on and remain a secret to so many. However, this story is too important to keep secret an
  1. fabulous faux
    You can have it all this winter as you bundle up with these cruelty-free furry fashionsCertified Organic Cotton Jacket by Eco-ganik - $196,Organic Cot
  1. one palm
    When Dominic Kuehni travels around the world, he doesn’t just take in the sights. For him, these voyages are sources of inspiration, not only fo
  1. ananda soul creations
    German born designer, Christina Zipperlen, likes to call herself a world citizen. She is an entrepreneur and the creative force behind the jewelry bra

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