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Le's face it: Michael Bay isn't planning on releasing Downward Dog: Take it to the Mat this summer. Or any summer. If you want to find out about upcoming features that might appeal specifically to the average yogi, you'll need to rely on word of mouth.

Luckily for you, our team of reviewers is all over it! They've already heard about and watched your new favorite films, like The Love Guide (with Parker Posey!) and Supercharge Me!: 30 Days Raw.

So go ahead and take a gander at our collection of reviews. In the mood for a documentary? A comedy? A time-travelling yoga epic? We've got all of those. You're welcome.

  1. the reality of truth – an exploration of consciousness reality and spirituality
    Recently I found myself enraptured by a documentary titled “The Reality of Truth.” The film was created by Zappy Zapolin, an internet
  1. paulo coelho's best story
    Paulo Coelho's Best Story is a biographical intense drama about the Brazilian novelist and lyricist, Paulo Coelho, who ultimately became one of the mo
  1. love thy nature
    LOVE THY NATURE is a unique and awe-inspiring journey! It is an important and educational film as well as a cinematic immersion into the beauty and in
  1. awake: the life of yogananda
    AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda is an uplifting film that will inspire you to take a deeper look into yourself and to rediscover the light within. Parama
  1. song of the new earth
    Song of the New Earth journeys the sensory tale of Tom Kenyon as he slowly discovers his profound gift of sound and its relation to consciousness and
  1. why every traveling yogi should see "gringo trails"
    Gringo Trails is a new documentary that chronicles the impact that tourism has had on some of the most remote areas of the world over the span of
  1. “Behind the Water”
    “Behind the Water” showcases individuals overcoming devastating obstacles to find clean water. The film embraces the power of family and the commi
  1. into great silence / die grosse stille
    “Only in complete silence, one starts to hear.  Only when language resigns, one starts to see.”  The Carthusian Order is reputed as one
  1. The Celestine Prophecy Movie
    Cities, like humans, have heartbeats if you listen closely. You can feel the pulse of Los Angeles in Hollywood. I had the pleasure of attending the pr
  1. alan clements live: spiritually incorrect
    Alan Clements brings a unique and compelling voice to contemporary spiritual seekers. He was the first American to ordain as a Buddhist monk in Burma,
  1. Vajra Sky Over Tibet
    The final film of the Yatra Trilogy produced by Direct Pictures, Vajra Sky Over Tibet follows filmmaker John Bush’s journey to central Tibet – a
  1. Conversations With God
    From The Spiritual Cinema Circle and the producer of What Dreams May Come, came Conversations With God, the film inspired by the life of bestselling a
  1. The Fountain
    It’s not every day that a movie comes along that brings together time travel and yoga. The Fountain, a Warner Brothers picture tells the story of To
  1. visions of zen
    The story, as told by Rosenbush, goes something like this: “I worked briefly with David Mamet in Boston many years ago and later directed the Chicag
  1. The Love Guide
    The Love Guide is a quirky comedy starring America’s funny girl, Parker Posey. Prepare yourself for lots of laughter, lots of yoga…. and a lot of
  1. Peace, Love and Misunderstanding
    Peace, Love and Misunderstanding is a family drama that quickly departs from the upper middle class echelons and reality of Manhattan to run pell-mell
  1. Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw
    Not many raw food vegans dream of becoming showgirls, but Jenna Norwood isn’t your traditional health nut. After unsuccessfully trying on a tight sh


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