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A well-appointed yoga studio is a beautiful thing, but there's no place like home. Sometimes the studio simply has to come to you: thank goodness for DVDs!

But don't wade blindly through a sea of DVDs! Let our reviews take the work out of finding the perfect fit for you. Whether you're a beginner at yoga or an advanced yogi, someone has already tried (and loved!) the DVD for you.

So go ahead and take a look at some of our reviews, and find something you like. Then slide the coffee table to the other side of the living room and get to it!

  1. carol dickman yoga dvd: stretches and balances
    Carol Dickman has created a series of 3 yoga DVDs suitable for a general audience and those who are physically challenged. The format is accessib
  1. the concert for bangladesh
    George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh was an unprecedented landmark event when it occurred in 1971. The brainchild of Ravi Shankar, it was th
  1. i know i’m not alone
    Michael Franti - internationally renowned musician, yogi, and human rights activist - bravely goes where no musician has gone before. Armed with his g
  1. beth shaw’s
    Broaden who you attract to your studio by providing a DVD for those students who love to get a workout through spinning. Beth Shaw, founder of YogaFit
  1. the pleasure of strength
    Ana Forrest’s The Pleasure of Strength is a great DVD if you’re on the hunt for resources to help anchor a regular home asana practice. Led and na
  1. Yoga In Bed
    Yoga In Bed, the latest DVD offering from Natural Journeys puts a new spin on an old practice. For anyone who has had trouble getting out of bed in th
  1. Yoga Dharana
    With all of the Yoga DVDs now on the market, choosing can be overwhelming. However, if you have a specific reason for practicing yoga, then chances ar
  1. Darshan: The Embrace
    The documentary drew critical acclaim at its Cannes Film Festival premiere. Darshan: The Embrace follows one of India’s most revered spiritual guide
  1. Who Killed the Electric Car?
    Another film experiencing success since its initial release is the documentary that sheds light on the politics of various American industries. In 199
  1. yoga posture adjustments and assisting
    A valuable skill for a yoga teacher is the ability to provide safe, intelligent, and meaningful adjustments to students practicing asana. For the teac
  1. aaron star’s hot nude yoga hawaii
    New York-based yogi, Aaron Star, continues to break down barriers and defy convention with his latest four DVD box set release, Hot Nude Yoga Hawaii.
  1. The Secret
    Surely by now you’ve heard the buzz, read the reviews or caught an interview on TV, right? We’re talking about a movement that has made the world
  1. Shanti Generation
     “I wanted to do the yoga video because it was about teaching others what I know, especially teenagers and young adults, because there&rsqu
  1. Kids Musical Yoga
    Yoga has never been more fun with these inspirational DVDs. In Let’s Go to the Ocean, your little one will move like a fish, boat or turtle, and in
  1. Gravity and Grace
    Gravity and Grace is a work of art. Through elements of instruction, mood and production, this unified creation leads deeper into a sacred practice, g
  1. Yoga to the Rescue
    Yoga to the Rescue is a gentle, therapeutic practice in a serene studio setting complete with candlelit background, flowing tapestries and ambient mus
  1. Budokon with Cameron Shayne
    There is something about Cameron Shayne’s voice that is strong but peaceful, energizing but steady—it seems to embody the power and agility within
  1. Power Yoga for Happiness
    If you’re looking for a lighthearted and vigorous home practice DVD, try out Eoin Finn’s two-DVD set Power Yoga for Happiness. Eoin gracefully gui
  1. Transform Yourself With Jivamukti Yoga
    Introducing one of the nine internationally recognized styles of hatha yoga, the power couple of Life and Gannon present their message in a one-hour D
  1. Yoga for Stress Reduction
    Hala Khouri, a yoga instructor and Somatic Counselor, has created Yoga for Stress Reduction to “bring the body and the mind into harmony with each o

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