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Acoustic, Classical, Electronic, Folk or Kirtan? With so many musical options, you're bound to find something that moves you both inside and out!

The right soundtrack can revitalize your routine, and take an already stellar session to even greater heights. You may notice some old favorites mentioned in the reviews below, but hopefully you'll also discover a new favorite to groove to.

So go ahead and check out the latest in CD reviews. And since nobody can see you, feel free to bust a move or two.

  1. dosha music, change your life with sound healing
    A 4-CD set is available to those wishing to go deeper into the realms of healing through sound.  “HEALING SOUNDS FOR YOGA, MINDFULNESS AND
  1. savasana 3: natural beauty
    Wah!'s CD, Savasana 3: Natural Beauty is instant love; new, yet familiar and easy. Wah!'s golden voice and ethereal melodies are prominent throughout,
  1. yoga spirit
    A group of talented, renowned musicians, have come together to create the ensemble, Akasha. These talents include Chinmaya Dunster, who has written, m
  1. DAYDREAM Offers Everyday Serenity
    Solo pianist and composer Michele de Wilton understands the need to escape the everyday. Recently, the busy mother of two young children announced the
  1. PRANA
    Random thoughts peppered actively throughout your mind, unwelcome and disruptive. Gradually, with each calming measure, they scatter and leave behind


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