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Acoustic, Classical, Electronic, Folk or Kirtan? With so many musical options, you're bound to find something that moves you both inside and out!

The right soundtrack can revitalize your routine, and take an already stellar session to even greater heights. You may notice some old favorites mentioned in the reviews below, but hopefully you'll also discover a new favorite to groove to.

So go ahead and check out the latest in CD reviews. And since nobody can see you, feel free to bust a move or two.

  1. yvette om - we are one
    In 'We are One', Yvette OM once again lifts us up into the higher, sweeter and more loving vibrations of this multiverse. Through music, sound, v
  1. the om pyramid - om serenity om beats om digenous
    In this sound pyramid, OMSerenity, OMBeats and OMDigenous, we are transported to the higher vibrations through sound and mantra. The repetition and sl
  1. bliss of kirtan
    With the soaring popularity of the yoga and meditation music genres, including kirtan, call and response singing and devotional chanting, we are bless
  1. chantrika
    The latest album by Sadhu Nada, entitled "Chantrika" is much like his earlier works, this too infuses various elements of gypsy music with sacred Sans
  1. the red rock rishis - 'the beginning is near' & 'lotus eyes'
    Sitting atop the magical red rocks of Sedona, with two releases blasted beautifully into the ether, the Red Rock Rishis have carved a euphoric symphon
  1. celebrate peace by snatam kaur
    Spreading a hopeful message of peace, Snatam Kaur’s new recording is a lush production of uplifting songs, invocations and prayers. The album begins
  1. Edo & Jo
    Kirtan Alive is a mantra folk-pop album performed by Australian Kirtan masters, Edo & Jo. The album comprises of nine sacred chants, most of which
  1. Deva Premal Sings the Moola Mantra
    The Moola Mantra, or Root Mystical poem, is a moving classic, with renditions that span the range between sensual to devotional. Bestselling singer De
  1. deva premal
    Deva's enchanting CD, Password, was created with Miten and Manose at the end of their 2010 world tour, and marks an exciting new direction in the
  1. The Enchanted Island
    Since Jack’s first album, Wind Across the Sea (2007), his music has gone from strength to strength with Jack playing at concerts and workshops a


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