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Acoustic, Classical, Electronic, Folk or Kirtan? With so many musical options, you're bound to find something that moves you both inside and out!

The right soundtrack can revitalize your routine, and take an already stellar session to even greater heights. You may notice some old favorites mentioned in the reviews below, but hopefully you'll also discover a new favorite to groove to.

So go ahead and check out the latest in CD reviews. And since nobody can see you, feel free to bust a move or two.

  1. deep self
    Before my yoga class began to create an ambiance, I turned on "Deep Self" and left the room. When I returned, all of my students were silently sittin
  1. sonic feng shui
    Here is a creation from Patrick Bernard, who resides in Francophone Canada, and continues to deliver, what is proving to be, the most beautifully lush
  1. Aurah
    This CD was fittingly found like a good omen, offering a recent (re)discovery of great excitement. Astonishingly, this release by Aurah is from 2002,
  1. Are You Dreaming
    They’re back, with a name change, focused energy and a new CD that is brimming with shamanic rhythms, devotional chants, and trance electronica, all
  1. Borderlands
    Borderlands is neo-classical minimalism at its very finest. Evan, aka Bluetech, has produced a brilliant ambient CD and created his own unique brand o


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