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Yogi Times is full of great reads, but there are also some pretty amazing books out there! We know that you are hungry to learn more - not only about yoga, but also about fitness, nutrition, travel, self-improvement, and... well, the list goes on!

This section is all about appealing to your naturally inquisitive self. Not only will you discover the latest books on everything from deepening your spirituality to revitalizing your hormones, you’ll read actual reviews from other yogis.

Whether you’re in search of a little light reading for that upcoming vacation, or looking for a meatier selection to dissect and devour, our reviews have got you covered. So go ahead and get your read on!

  1. bhagavad gita
    The Bhagavad Gita, like the Patanjali’s yoga sutras, is a foundational yogic text. Besides being essential reading in many Yoga Teacher Training
  1. Yoga-me
    Yoga is a lifestyle. It’s all about being good with life and with us. Eating well, having a daily practice, staying strong, and feeling hea
  1. the bhagavad-gita in 18 sonnets
    The Bhagavad-Gita has been described as “Perhaps the most beautiful work of the literature of the world.” It's certainly one of the m
  1. yoga for warriors
    While searching for new reading material to hone my teaching skills, I came across Yoga for Warriors. As a new yoga teacher and military spouse, my in
  1. contact yoga
    Touching is Healing. CONTACT YOGA creatively addresses the underlying issue of “relationship” through Partner Yoga. Creator Tara Lynd
  1. yoga in action
    As we browse through a bookstore looking for a good read, I doubt that many of us would pick up a book about trauma. We would think it was likely too
  1. art of attention
    The Art of Attention is a yoga workbook written by Elena Brower and Erica Jago. Instead of the traditional yoga book, this workbook is full
  1. extra love: the art of hands-on assists, volumes 1 and 2
    My teacher Rolf Gates has said, “Deep within ourselves, we know the truth.  We know that we are all connected, part of something larger than ou
  1. yoga and the twelve step path
    Sometimes people think of yoga as a room full of really flexible people putting themselves into seemingly impossible positions. However, it’s ge
  1. the extraordinary healing power of ordinary things
    As a well-read child of "Generation Self-Help," I found that as I made my way through Dr. Dossey’s book, I kept waiting for the “How To” part to
  1. writing open the mind
    Rolling around on the floor, stretching into new shapes, making sculptures with our bodies: it sounds more like a yoga practice than a writing practic
  1. legacy of love
    Legacy of Love, with its inspiring title, is a chronicle of the love and legacy that Ghandi passed onto his family and the world. The book contains fi
  1. The Tenth Door
    The Tenth Door, An Adventure Through the Jungles of Enlightenment is a yoga classic.  Courageous, surprising, and more than enlightening, Michele
  1. Autobiography of a Yogi
    Recent decades have witnessed the rise of Los Angeles as a haven for followers of holistic living, and while many values the external displays of acti
  1. contact
    Yoga, translated literally, means union – union with the Divine, a Universal Consciousness, your personal idea of bliss. Achieving that union is an
  1. Yoga Resource
    Locate, identify and be inspired Tucson-based hatha yoga teacher, Darren Rhodes is internationally known for not only mastering all 350 poses in the
  1. Guiding Yoga's Light
    Guiding Yoga’s Light is a teachers guide and learning tool comprising of 74 lessons for yoga teachers and yoga students. This is the second edition
  1. Power Yoga
    When one thinks of power yoga, images of intense physicality and endurance may emerge. However, Power Yoga: An Individualized Approach to Strength, Gr
  1. The Yoga of the Yogi
    Written by Krishnamacharya’s grandson Kausthub Desikachar, The Yoga of the Yogi is an intimate and accurate description of the philosophy, life and
  1. Fierce Medicine
    My first impression of Ana Forrest? One word: FIERCE. In 2005, I (along with 75 other yogis) attended one of Ana’s workshops; In a hot studio, in St


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