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Yogi Times is full of great reads, but there are also some pretty amazing books out there! We know that you are hungry to learn more - not only about yoga, but also about fitness, nutrition, travel, self-improvement, and... well, the list goes on!

This section is all about appealing to your naturally inquisitive self. Not only will you discover the latest books on everything from deepening your spirituality to revitalizing your hormones, you’ll read actual reviews from other yogis.

Whether you’re in search of a little light reading for that upcoming vacation, or looking for a meatier selection to dissect and devour, our reviews have got you covered. So go ahead and get your read on!

  1. are you a born yogi?
    In looking through the pages of the book, Born Yogis, you can understand the enormous amount of patience and perseverance required from
  1. good morning yoga by mariam gates
    Maybe you eat, sleep and breathe yoga as a yoga teacher and this has influenced your parenting. Perhaps your children have danced beside you on their
  1. how roland rolls
    Actor Jim Carrey has just self-published his first children’s book, How Roland Rolls. Young readers - and their grown-ups - are in for a treat! Acco
  1. it's me
    In the charming children’s book, It’s Me!, writer Eric Drachman introduces the adorable Patricia, who plays dress up and tells a fancy story for e
  1. mommy yoga
    Many women come to yoga seeking a source for stress release and overall health benefits, but countless more practice yoga without even realizing it. A
  1. yoga ma baby ga
    Now, moms can get back into shape after giving birth, all while still spending time with their new baby! This unique DVD provides three options for th
  1. your children will raise you
    If one were to believe Hollywood and Hallmark commercials, upon giving birth you’re not only handed a baby, but also a lifetime supply of confidence
  1. the alphabliss of miss
    There is an ever-present need for positive female role models in children’s literature. The Alphabliss of Miss demonstrates the diversity of fem
  1. who am I? where did i come from?
    Though Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? is not a new release, it stands out as a classic among children’s literature because of the frank and ho
  1. A Calendar of Festivals
    There’s nothing more exciting for children than the thought of going on a grand adventure! Within the pages of A Calendar Of Festivals, children are
  1. Naturally Fun Parties For Kids
    Kids parties: fun, chaos, and clowns? How about handmade, earth-friendly and fun- yeah, that’s more like it! Anni Daulter and Heather Fontenot brin
  1. The Best of New York's Book Expo America
    The world of children’s literature is exploding and reading has never been so fun and filled with color and innovation. From big colorful books that
  1. My Day At The Zoo
    The life of animals is one of my favorite topics because of the unique skills those different species can teach us. Last week at our preschool, we had
  1. What In The World!:
    From picture book to book with pictures, I thought we would review a book this month for older children who want to discover the world. We wouldn’t
  1. In Every Moon There Is a Face
    In Every Moon There Is A Face is the other delight from Illumination Arts. This book features a beautiful poem that takes us on a journey to the moon
  1. Something Special
    Something Special is such a fun picture book because the reader has to guess what this “something special” is. Even though you get the answer at t
  1. Kokopelli & The Butterfly
    “Once upon a time, there was a mystical fellow named Kokopelli,” begins this tale of friendship and compassion.  The legend of Kokopelli has
  1. What is Peace?
    What is Peace?, the latest book by Etan Boritzer, is a beautiful and intelligent addition to the other children’s books in his series. So what is pe


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