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Yogi Times is out to explore the "hotspots" in our community, where yogis can go to find interesting things to experience or hidden treasures and mindful gifts off the beaten path. Not your everyday trip to the mall, we search for special spots that will appeal to those who are looking for more than your basic retail and services.

  1. 5 organic vegetable delivery services in singapore
    Heading to the grocery store typically isn’t my favorite pastime. Between waiting in long lines and sifting through produce, there are many acti
  1. one 10 - cycling studio in london
    One 10 is the latest spinning studio to pop up in central London. Like their neighbors: Psycle and Boom Cycle, One 10 hasn't missed a trick when
  1. berlin yoga conference
    Anastasia Shevchenko is a Berlin-based yoga teacher. Yoga has been an integral part of her life for the past 15 years and helped Anastasia to heal, re
  1. cryozone in santa monica
    Cryotherapy is growing in popularity as one of the next-level holistic wellness solutions that promotes natural healing at a cellular level, and it wa
  1. malibu getaway a mini guide
    Natasha, one of our travel editors, arrived in Malibu California, ready to spend the next two weeks exploring. She shares with us her experience and i
  1. the pyramids of chi and the power of sound
    The Pyramids of Chi Centre and Cafe in Ubud offers you a powerful and revitalizing experience from the moment you walk through the doors. Designed to
  1. top 5 vegan eateries in east london
    COOKDAILY Vegetable-rich, packed with flavour and simply delicious are thoughts that come to mind when experiencing the menu of this Sh
  1. discovering bali
    Natasha, one of our travel editors, arrived in Bali in late May, ready to spend the next two weeks exploring the island. She shares with us her experi
  1. how to be prepared before during and after volcanic eruption
    If you are on the island of Bali - it is certain you have heard of the risk of Mount Agung erupting.While it has been more than 2 weeks without an exp
  1. mount agung latest news
    Updated Wednesday February 14th 2018 10:37 am Local Bali time. Mount Agung erupted again after the decline in status from level IV to level III had b
  1. nusa lembongan
    Bali has long secured its reputation as one of the top travel destinations for yogis around the world, but few have discovered its little sister islan
  1. yoga in berlin
    Berlin is a magnet for young, liberal, and creative people from all over Europe. It is the place to be if you love art, music, and culture, and it sup
  1. things to do in ubud bali
    Welcome to Ubud, a breathtaking area in Bali filled with rice terraces, yogis, healthy-eats, and traditional markets. YOGI TIMES is actively documenti
  1. pak sirkus (not circus) canggu's balian healer
    As consciousness of the mind and body grows in today’s society, the experience of seeing a healer has increased in popularity and become an at
  1. london's best omni eateries
    Going out for dinner should never be a chore, but with dietary requirements aplenty, this can often be the case. These restaurants have mastered the a
  1. BAWA bali animal welfare association
    To the untrained ear it sounds like any other scooter horn. But to the savvy street dogs in the Balinese village of Pejeng, this sound indicates the a
  1. bitcoin in bali
    WELCOME to Bali. You’ll need cash.New adventures take one to far-off lands where everything is fresh, exciting, and novel. People dream of trave
  1. daily offerings by the balinese
    Food plays an important role in any culture. We all have our comfort foods that we crave when we are sick or far from home. If you've been to Bali, yo
  1. uang kepeng: the traditional money of the balinese
    You may have noticed old coins with a hole in the middle lying on the ground around the Fuang Kepeng: the traditional money of the balinese front of a
  1. wonder women of bali
    It was early in our tenure here in Bali when I first noticed it. For a while, I wondered if it was the age difference. My daughter is two years older

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