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Having opened her doors to an increasing amount of tourists, spiritual seekers, yoga teachers, hotel and studio owners and backpackers alike, the past decade has truly been one of transformation for the tiny, unassuming Indonesian island of Bali. The now widespread practice of yoga has quietly but steadily infiltrated the very corners of Bali’s infrastructure, a vast majority of new establishments, between cafés, restaurants and yoga studios alike being carved, thatched, colourfully and organically decorated with love and in the style of "Indian-ashram-meets-beachhut-chillzone". Which is by no means a bad thing. In fact, the sheer amount of yoga studios in Bali to choose from is fantastic for the locality, and also for travelling Westerners as the continuous flux of teachers, yogis, and holidaymakers alike makes for a refreshing, ever-changing backdrop on which to undertake an introspective journey. Yoga is part of daily life in Bali. It simply is.

No matter whether in a studio, shala, on the beach, or a hotel balcony or rooftop, Bali has unwittingly become a haven in which yoga can be practiced without fear or self-consciousness. Here are some of the best places our YOGI TIMES staff and readers have practiced so far.

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Lucia Gutiérrez

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