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A list of the best places in Bali to train or take workshops, whether you’re seeking to gain valuable insights into new skills and personal growth, or you’re looking for the best place to send your children and expose them to genuine, tailor-made education.

From gyms, personal training and yoga workshops, to traditional healing methods or more modern and scientifically-based medicinal approaches, Bali really does offer a wide array of treatments and disciplines when it comes to health and wellness. Educationally, the ever-increasing expat community in Bali has created a demand for schooling and more innovative methods of teaching, which has in turn generated a large market for creative and reliable teachers and the establishment of several educational institutes where an emphasis is placed on environmental issues, emotional understanding and natural approaches to problem-solving.

YOGI TIMES has compiled a list of several of these establishments to help you navigate the seemingly endless tide of workshop and training advertisements, ensuring you gain the most out of your stay in Bali or indeed to help you settle into a more fulfilling and self-realised routine.



Eduardo Petta

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