yuj yoga with style

YUJ Yoga With Style is designed to meet the urban practitioners’ expectations and needs. Perfect for the active lifestyle of a modern yogi, YUJ- Yoga With Style is a brand with a purpose and an authentic story.

“YUJ” is the root word of “yoga”; it means « to bond » in Sanskrit. Yoga is the bond that unites body and mind. The company is committed to convey the strong values of yoga in everything that the brand does.

YUJ Yoga With Style was founded by Hélène Duval, a yoga instructor and hip Parisian who has an extensive background in fashion. Practicing yoga with style while being comfortable is the brand’s promise.

This has been met with success as the brand currently designs two annual collections as well as capsule collections throughout the year. The philosophy of yoga is clearly present in each collection with the references to «  Mysore », « Patanjali », « Ashtanga », etc.  

Check YUJ‘s e-shop  which reflects the brand universally.

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