yoga wisdom stephanie spence’s book review


Wisdom of life

“Yoga invites us into an intimate inquiry of ourselves by creating a dialogue between the mind, body, and spirit.” – Tanya Markul

This is just one of the many insightful quotes from Stephanie Spence’s book ‘Yoga Wisdom.’ After surviving an abusive marriage for two decades, Stephanie Spence made the brave decision to leave her husband and start on a new path to self-discovery.

Through yoga practice and spiritual exploration, she realized her life’s purpose was to educate and inspire people to try yoga and embrace it as a way of life.

She decided to embark on a month long yoga road trip, gathering wisdom from over a hundred global yoga leaders and their stories are scattered throughout the pages of this incredible book.

Spence’s story is one of fierce bravery, pulling from her experiences as a wife, mother, PTSD survivor, CEO and writer.

Her goal was to enable readers to live to their fullest, most authentic lives and she accomplishes this with the help of inspiring testimonials.

Spence shares her own story from the moment she decided that she wanted a divorce, to losing her relationship with her daughters, rebuilding her life and finding her true happiness.

She uses her experience to develop a roadmap for others on a similar journey in the hope that it may help people going through similar life changes.

Yoga Wisdom tells the tales of people who have been broken in various ways and who have then been healed by yoga – body, heart and soul.

It offers insight and advice for all of us who seek to find sustainable happiness, accept our true selves and heal.

No matter the trauma one may have experienced, there is a warrior story and wisdom in this book for you that will surely empower you to set foot on a path towards enlightenment.

You’ll finish the book feeling ready to take control of your life and become an eternal student of yoga and meditation.

In the face of challenges, we need yoga more than ever.

The deeper we can let ourselves go into our yoga practice, the more we discover about ourselves.

Yoga has helped so many people connect to the present and future as well as let go of the pain of the past.

We have no doubt this book will inspire many to begin taking steps toward healing and self-discovery.