yoga and the twelve-step path – a book review

Sometimes people think of yoga as a room full of really flexible people putting themselves into seemingly impossible positions. However, it’s generally not yoga that puts us into these uncomfortable situations, but our lives and our addictions to substances and actions that end up harming more than helping us, and so yoga is not merely physical postures. It is an ancient practice involving awareness, breath-work, and meditation.

Yoga is the linking of mind, body, and spirit, and it teaches us to let go, to relax, to feel free in our skin, and to accept ourselves with love and compassion. Yoga and the 12-Step Path is not a book about reaching for your toes–it is about reaching for your heart.

Kcyzy (Keet-ski) Hawk, a yoga teacher who specializes in working with those in recovery, understands the importance of engaging with Step Eleven’s emphasis on prayer and meditation. She wrote this book to show us another way to find peace in our hearts.

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Hawk writes: “There is a stage in recovery I call the ‘second suffering’ in which you realize your separation or alienation from your genuine inner self. This stage can come at any time during recovery…Initially we come to the rooms of recovery expecting only to be relieved of the symptoms of our addiction, or maybe to be taught a way to participate with our addiction in a pleasingly controlled manner. We become disabused of the second idea right away. We soon learn that overcoming the symptoms is a lifelong journey that both confounds and exceeds our expectations.”

Yoga and the 12-Step Path is an informative guide for that journey, teaching basic yoga principles that range from specific breathing exercises to calm anxious minds to brief written exercises to help you improve your relationship with yourself and others.

This is the book that you will have next to your bed for the times when you feel invincible and want to deepen that strength and for the times when you feel frightened and helpless and need some tools to help you remember that along with the morning comes the light.

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