shop on tujunga avenue studio city

Known to many locals as a slice of “mayberry” in the middle of Los Angeles, this stretch of tujunga avenue in studio city has all of the charm and neighborly congeniality of your grandparents’ small-town america. strewn with unique shops, unpretentious yet gourmet eateries, a spa, a yoga studio and much more, this little neighborhood makes a great spot to spend an afternoon wandering, munching and chatting. 

1. Diana’s – Contemporary Clothing
4334 Tujunga Avenue

The ideal store for a colorful, modern, bohemian look. From jackets with positive messages to flowing skirts and tops, Diana’s Contemporary Clothing offers a variety of things including a unique selection of hats and jewelry. 

2. Spoiled a day spa
4338 Tujunga Avenue

Owner, Cynthia Graham, is a self-proclaimed “spa-junkie.”  After attending countless spas, Cynthia knows what it takes to make her feel truly “spoiled.” With cutting edge treatments like the EmerginC-Facial, simpler treatments like the No Frills Lift, and everything in between, Spoiled has a treatment to fit every personality. 
818.508.9772 –

3. Scents Abilities
4336 Tujunga Avenue

If you are looking for a special gift for a fellow yogi, Scents Ability is one possible place to find it. Here you can choose from a Buddha statuette or some Japanese incense. For a more personal gift, custom-blended lotion from the essential-oils bar is available. Beautiful handmade cards with phrases like “om” or “breathe with me” printed across the cover are also for sale.

4. Elizabeth’s Place
4354 Tujunga Avenue

This place is a “must stop,” from the “Welcome” sign on the door to the fine aged objects and furniture inside. Decorated as if you were in someone’s home, every room of the store has an inimitable selection of antiques.

5. Siena accessories
4361 1/2 Tujunga Avenue
Are you looking for a polka dot yoga mat holder? If you are, then this is one place to visit. Besides yoga mat bags, you can also find semi-precious stone jewelry here. Babies can leave the store wearing a “sweet pea” T-shirt and adults can leave sporting a recycled candy wrapper purse!

6. YARN Garden
4379 Tujunga Avenue

The Yarn Garden feels more like grandma’s house than a store. Apart from being knitter’s paradise with a huge variety of yarn, it also welcomes knitters who enjoy the company of other knitting lovers. Friday nights are particularly popular when the “yarn garden” at the back of the store becomes a “knitting party.”

7. Hoity Toity
4381 Tujunga Ave

Owner and designer Ann Booth has a one-of-a-kind clothing store. Both women and men are invited to shop here for new clothes with an original and vintage look. The lamps and jewelry are as creative and unique as the clothing.
818.766.2503 – hoitytoity

8. Aroma Coffee & Tea Company
4360 Tujunga Avenue

This cozy café is a haven for health-nuts and foodies alike. Aroma serves everything from all-fruit, dairy-free smoothies, to six-inch-high slices of chocolate, peanut butter cake. They also have healthy alternatives to traditionally indulgent fare, like old-fashioned milkshakes made with nonfat frozen yogurt. Many opt for a berry and herb concoction called a “depth recharger.” Aroma also has a nice array of vegetarian options.
818.508.6505 – aromacoffeeandtea

9. Village Gourmet
4357 Tujunga Avenue

This eatery is packed with rare cheeses, wines, exotic jams and a variety of spices. You can pick up a gourmet pre-made lunch like the “French brie sun-dried picnic” or choose from the generous selection of pasta meals. And did we mention the gorgeous cookies?
818.487.3807 – villagegourmetcheeseandwines

10. Village Gourmet Home and Garden
4363 Tujunga Avenue 

Connected to The Village Gourmet food shop, this beautiful store offers fine linens for tablecloths, place mats, and napkins, as well as a selection of Italian cook wear and dinner wear. You can find an assortment of gifts, cards, and glassware for sale. 

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