yoga spirit

A group of talented, renowned musicians, have come together to create the ensemble, Akasha. These talents include Chinmaya Dunster, who has written, mixed, and produced the music, Tanmayo, whose voice leads the beautiful choir, and Bikram Singh, whose bamboo flute is prominent throughout. The result is an exquisite journey into everything that yoga can be: unity, harmony, cessation of the mind, and even meeting with the divine.

The recording is comprised of five long dreamy songs, that combine traditional East Indian instrumentation with Western influences. The first three pieces are traditional Sanskrit chants with long instrumental interludes. ‘Tva Mev Mata’ begins the sound journey, with a lovely choral chant.

The second piece, ‘Om Purnamada,’ is a chant of wholeness and completion that easily sweeps you along. The third chant, ‘Gayatri’ is a prayer to the day, to the sun, and ultimately to illumination of the spirit. Singh’s soaring bamboo flute is astounding in its mastery, while tabla and drum keep a rhythmic, earthy groove to melt and merge with.

Completing this musical journey are two instrumental pieces. ‘Namaste’ showcases Indian violin and other strings, and ‘Shivasana’ features dreamy, meditative bamboo flute. Yoga Spirit is perfect for a gentle yoga practice, or any form of movement/relaxation, where the intention is to connect the body, mind, and spirit.

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