the yoga of the yogi

Written by Krishnamacharya’s grandson Kausthub Desikachar, The Yoga of the Yogi is an intimate and accurate description of the philosophy, life and lineage of Krishnamacharya. Vividly written, this important work is both thorough and concise, and comes alive with anecdotes of Krishnamacharya’s closest students and friends, as well as Kausthub’s committed writing and compilation of research. The Yoga of the Yogi investigates yoga’s holistic approach to the relief of emotional, mental and physical suffering by uniting science and faith. In addition, it describes the various tools and aspects of yoga, including meditation, postures, regulation of breath, social and personal attitudes, sensory control, diet, lifestyle, visualization, mantra, self-inquiry, gestures and ritual. Furthermore, The Yoga of the Yogi exemplifies Krishnamacharya’s courage, persistence and loyalty in his quest for spiritual unfolding that led him to become an outstanding scholar, yoga expert, healer and friend to those who crossed his path. This work presents Krishnamacharya’s legacy as that of a man who helped each individual connect with his or her own inner wisdom using open-mindedness and non-sectarianism, fine-tuning the art of personalizing yoga to lead his students into a place of self-empowerment, growth, health and spiritual nourishment.