celebrate peace by snatam kaur

Spreading a hopeful message of peace, Snatam Kaur’s new recording is a lush production of uplifting songs, invocations and prayers. The album begins with three new songs, all featuring the lovely, powerful vocals of Snatam Kaur singing with a sincere belief in the celebration of peace. Beginning with dancing flute and dynamic percussion, Snatam’s voice soars on the first song, “We Are Peace.”

Continuing at a gentler pace, the second song, “People of Love,” includes harmonies from the Agape Choir of Los Angeles. “Deep Blue Sea,” the third song, is a deeply emotional prayer accompanied by moving piano melodies. Transcendent mantras and musical invocations of peace from her previous albums complete the recording.

The album and tour are dedicated to inspiring people of all walks of life to celebrate the peace within themselves, their families and their communities. It is Kaur’s hope and belief that from this strong foundation we can reach out to other nations in a harmonious way. Kaur’s hopes seem possible and probable when listening to her awe-inspiring voice””whether on this recording or in her live performances. Her heart-opening music and deep devotion to the Divine sound current will touch your heart.

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