yoga for stress reduction

Hala Khouri, a yoga instructor and Somatic Counselor, has created Yoga for Stress Reduction to “bring the body and the mind into harmony with each other.”

Listening to Hala’s melodic voice as she guides you through different exercises, you feel the tension melt away, breath by breath, all the while, being energized and invigorated.

Yoga for Stress Reduction uses a variety of methods and modalities to reduce stress, including: gentle warm up exercises and asanas (poses), a 25-minute track dedicated to standing poses, free movement exercises, and 2 guided meditations.  Each of the 7 tracks can be played on their own and are only enhanced when played in sequence.

Hala approaches stress reduction physically as well as mentally, including focused attention to the breath and sharing pearls of wisdom to inspire practitioners. “Let go of perfectionism”¦ Embrace who you are in this moment. Celebrate who you are in this moment”¦ Being willing to be imperfect””that’s freedom.”

The video, audio, and lighting quality are pristine and only add to the peaceful atmosphere that Hala creates as she guides practitioners movement by movement, breath by breath, asana by asana.

”The difference between a person who’s stressed out and a person who’s not, is not the level of stress in their life, it’s their response to stress.” Yoga for Stress Reduction offers a holistic approach to stress reduction that anyone can benefit from.  Every tool and exercise that Hala offers is an invitation to live a stress free life.  For $15, that’s an invitation you just can’t pass up!

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