yoga classes in new york

If your travels lead you to New York City, we have the perfect antidote for helping you to acclimate to the stressors of urban life… Take time out to explore many of the yoga classes in New York. As tireless as New York is there a yoga class in New York for everyone – practically every hour of the day to match your busy schedule. If you are looking for a strong vinyasa class that is very spiritually focused and rooted in the philosophy of yoga, check out Jivamukti Yoga at Union Square, they have classes on the hour every hour from 7:30 am-9:00 pm. They also have their power 1-hr “Spiritual Warrior” class that gets you in and out in record time and leaves you feeling enlightened and ready to resume your exploration of the city. 

Other yoga classes in New York include discounted classes at Yoga Vida, a great vinyasa class taught in the classical Ashtanga method that believes that yoga should be accessible to all. They feature $14 drop in classes and great discounts for students and teachers. Yoga vida’s yoga classes in New York can be found in the easily accessible areas of Union Square and Soho.

If non-traditional yoga classes are what you seek, yoga classes in New York might have just what you are looking for. Le Male Yoga in Chelsea is known for their “Heated Flow” and “Naked Tantric Flow” classes. These classes are open to heterosexual, bi-sexual and homosexuals alike. If you want to take your clothes off, yoga classes in New York do not disappoint!

New York is unique and New York’s taste in yoga classes is equally unique! There is always something for everyone when looking for yoga classes in New York!  While in town, take the opportunity to explore a yoga class that is right for you. Yogi Times is your resource to help you find one!

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