yoga and shopping in long beach

Yogi Times is out to explore the hot spots in our community where yogis can have unusual and unexpected experiences, explore hidden nooks and crannies and discover unique treasures that are off the beaten path. Instead of your everyday trip to the mall, we search for special spots that will appeal to those who are looking for more than the average retail experience. This month we spent the day in mysterious and magical Long Beach.

With the ongoing balancing act of business and beach, not to mention one of the world’s largest shipping ports, Long Beach creates a tension between work and play for both locals and visitors. But don’t be deterred by its industrial outskirts because here it doesn’t pay to judge a book by its cover. The pages of the city are filled with pockets of shops, eateries and home stores that bring a vivid, eclectic and community-driven feel to the noise around them.


This colorful, diverse, feast-for-the eyes store features home and personal accessories based on a hand-crafted, multi-cultural tradition and craft theme. 

3440 East Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.433.1713 |  

Surya Gallerie

Step into sophistication at this airy, spacious and soothing store specializing in handmade, all-wood home furniture and accessories from the Pacific Rim. 

2740 East Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.438.6159 |


The first store to open in what they call the “Renaissance” or “Regeneration” area, District offers an eclectic blend of fashion, home and art accessories. By showcasing local artists and designers as well as ones from Paris, London and New York, the boutique has a fresh and different feel to it. Plus 10% of all profits go to the greater good of humanity.

Open weekdays, 12-8 pm and weekends, 12-6 pm.

2746 E. Broadway | Long Beach, CA | t:562.433.0838

Library Coffee house 

With dim-lit rooms and overstuffed furniture, this internet café and coffee shop offers something for everyone. A social hot spot serving up a variety of sandwiches, pastas and coffees, Library’s customers can choose from the plethora of used books lining the shelves while they munch and buy the ones they like for $1.

3418 East Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.433.2393

Olives and Olives Too

This gourmet grocer serves as the “mini-Dean & Deluca” of Long Beach with its vast selection of specialty ingredients and homemade food. The outgoing owners offer dinner every night from 4:30-8 pm and provide catering services as well. Once you’ve satisfied your appetite, hop across the street to Olives Too, a kitchenware and cookbook store just as friendly as its namesake.

3510 E. Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.439.7751

Belmont Pets & Launder Pet

This store has a huge variety of pet supplies, including food, cleansers and toys that will amuse both pet and owner. In back is the “pet wash” and grooming station, which is quite the spectator sport for anyone dropping in. 

3429 East Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.433.3605  

Phoenix & Crow

Irish owned and operated, this boutique provides a tangible connection to the Celtic culture through elegant jewelry, home furnishings and personal apparel. 

2754 East Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.621.0785

Visionary Artware Gallery & Studio

Shopping here is a two-part experience. Up front is a funky store full of quality pieces for decent prices, and out back is the owner’s studio and classroom where she creates beautiful, aquatic-themed mosaics and teaches her craft. 

2915 East Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.433.3605

Bungalow Marcasso

As you walk through the halls of this house-turned-store, you’ll be met by unique gifts and furnishings specific to the room you’re in, whether it be the kitchen filled with canisters or the dining room stocked with aromatic candles. The other-worldy back patio carries bubbling fountains, lush plants and outdoor furniture.

2720 E. Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.212.6735

Vintage Tea Leaf

If your cup of tea is…tea, then check out this elegant shop and eatery, offering a wide variety of teas, accessories and treats. Be sure to snag a reservation for their informal and formal afternoon teas and luncheons, as well as their cooking classes and catering services. 

969 East Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.435.5589 |

La Dolce Vita Spa

Customers are a top priority at this community-based beauty and wellness spa where, like Cheers, everybody knows your name. Choose from a menu of massages, body treatments, nail and skin care or try one of their signature spa packages like the Total Spa Wellness, which includes a 60-minute massage, 60-minute facial, a jacuzzi pedicure and a tasty meal. 

927 E. Broadway | 562.432.3760 | CA |

David Galindo Home

If you are looking to redesign a room, your whole house or even your business in an Urban Outfitters feel, look no further. This home store offers furniture, accessories, lighting, books and rugs, and for those interested in modeling and staging, they can do that too.

2815 E. Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.930.0033

Merry’s “Fashion with passion” is certainly lived out in this vibrant boutique. Everything in the store comes from the indigenous people of Pakistan, Morocco, India and Egypt. And in an effort to support the unsung heroes of these countries, the owner also works with women’s co-ops where each piece that’s sold has the name of the woman who made it and profits go to support her village. For those seeking a little fun and adventure, belly-dancing classes are offered every Wednesday.

2747 E. Broadway | Long Beach | CA | t:562.987.4363



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