yo mama yoga

Across town on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade Heidi Jo Corey and Beth Lutz teach the Yo Mama Yoga Kids’ clasyos. Children from ages three to seven learn traditional poses with creative teaching methods. Corey, with 25 years experience educating children in theater transforms a difficult pose into “It’s hard until it’s easy’ which is an attitude the children are encouraged take off the mat into their lives. Corey’s teaching empowers the class with confidence. Kids teach their favorite poses and choose the structure for each class. Lutz brings her background in the visual arts and depth psychology to ensure a safe space for each individual child to learn according to their strengths. Lutz jokes that their kids “do three times as many poses in half the time of traditional adult classes.” Corey and Lutz create a safe environment for children to coordinate their rapidly changing bodies through traditional movement, stories, and Corey’s  integration of theater and yoga. Yo Mama Owner Kate Wise says, “It’s my mission to help women experience pregnancy and motherhood with courage, confidence and faith.” Providing a sanctuary for relaxation and education, Wise helps women to celebrate motherhood throughout all its stages. Yo Mama’s beautiful, understated studio pulses with a calm energy, exuding unmistakable warmth. Delicately lit photos showcased along the studio’s walls portray pregnant women and young babies, making the room a comfortable and inviting place for moms and little ones. Popular classes include Pre-natal Yoga, Parent & Me classes, HypnoBirthing, Kids Yoga Kids and Yoga Summer Camp, among others. Next time you’re heading to your favorite class don’t be surprised if you encounter a herd of mini mat-toting yogis in the waiting area. In fact, if you have a little one at home, be proactive and coordinate your yoga schedules so you can spread the love and the om. You also might find this interesting: yoga and motherhood