bliss yoga – yin & essential oils workshops

New York City is a busy place. Lots of noise, people, traffic and energy. We as yogis all KNOW that, but how often do we allow ourselves to stop and breathe? Not often enough! I am as much a vinyasa flow person as the next so I know how hard it is to treat oneself to an afternoon of body opening sensory self love.

So believe me when I tell you that you need to check out the YIN AND ESSENTIAL OILS workshops that Susan Derwin and Brandi Ryans of Laughing Lotus have created and are presenting both at their home studios in Brooklyn and New York City as well as other locations around the area.

For those who don’t know what Yin Yoga is, the best and simplest way I can describe it is to say that it is energetic but restorative. The basic principle is that you find and hold postures that open the connective tissue in the body,  not the muscles, which results in an amazing release and sense of well-being (both physical and mental!). Couple that with the use of specific essential oils designed to go with the different postures and all I can say is BLISS. 

Susan is an amazing teacher. She brings Yin to everyone whether they are a long time yoga practionner or someone newer to their mat. She demonstrates all the different ways a pose can be adjusted to suit YOUR body and explains how to find  that edge where you can ease into the pose while feeling the work going on in your body. 

Brandi is an essential oil magician as well as a yoga teacher in her own right.  As you find your way into each Yin pose she circulates through the studio and lets you smell each oil and explains WHY it is so well matched. 

Their workshops are always sold out and I know why. Think about giving yourself a mini yin and essential oils vacation. You will thank me!

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