what is peace?

By: Etan Boritzer
Edited date: November 15, 2022Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

What is Peace?, the latest book by Etan Boritzer, is a beautiful and intelligent addition to the other children’s books in his series. So what is peace, anyway?

Explaining the concept of peace to children is not an easy task, but Boritzer, through his usual style of questions and answers, brings the definition of peace to a different dimension.

He starts with, “Is Peace something outside us, or is Peace something inside us? Is Peace something you can learn, or is Peace something we are born with?”

He explains the reasons why some people may lose their peace. He gives examples for children to better relate to their daily lives, which can be full of incidents and problems to be solved. 

“Maybe you find out that somebody is hurting your friend, so now he wants to hurt other people too.”

Boritzer’s book goes deeper into character education, teaching compassion, expression of feelings and caring for others.

The appeal of the book in this series is that they pose thoughtful questions that engage children to truly ponder moral concepts. The author gives answers children can choose from and it opens the debate on what is peace for me and what is peace for you. Maybe if we all have the same definition of peace, we can start creating a more peaceful world. 

The author offers a series of “What is”¦?” books on varying topics, such as What is Love?, a story about faith and trust in one another; What is Funny?, a tale about bullying; and What is Beautiful?, about inner beauty. These thought-provoking manuscripts will inspire kids to have insightful conversations with their parents about these sometimes-difficult issues

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